Intelligent Information Access

 Multilingual and Multimodal Information Access.
• Foreign-language search assistants for Document Retrieval, Question Answering and Information Synthesis tasks.
• Shallow and efficient NLP for Information Access.
• Intelligent organization, visualization and browsing of search results.
• Text Mining in Multilingual Collections and Social Media.
• On-line Reputation Management.

 Evaluation of Information Access Systems.
• Co-organizers of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF).
• Co-organizers of the CLEF Cross-Language Question Answering track.
• Co-organizers of WePS, the Web People Search Evaluation Campaign (2007-2010).
• Co-organizers of iCLEF, the Interactive Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (2001-2009).

 Acquisition and Representation of Lexical, Grammatical and Semantic Knowledge

 Word senses, lexical databases, multilingual semantic networks, multilingual thesauri, and multimedia resources.
 Word Sense Disambiguation.
 Mining the Web for lexical information.
 Extraction of Semantic Relations.
 Knowledge Acquisition and Textual Inference.


LiMoSINe ELIAS Buscamedia Consorcio MAVIR Red TIMM QEAVis: Quantitative Evaluation of Academic Websites Visibility TrebleCLEF Text-Mess MultiMatch MedIEQ


Doctoral Consortium 2013 at LSI-UNED

The second edition of this Doctoral Consortium provides a venue for student researchers investigating topics in Natural Language Processing and Multimedia Information Retrieval to present their work in progress and to receive feedback from a panel of senior researchers. This event aims to explore, discuss and broad ideas. The forum includes talks by two invited speakers and a specialized mini-workshop open to a general audience.

Please download our schedule.