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Thursday, Septb 24th 2009
9:30-10:00   Registration
10:00-10:10   Opening remarks
10:10-11:00   Grasping Multimedia Streams

0:30:00 Some experiments in evaluating ASR systems applied to multimedia retrieval

  Julián Moreno, Marta Garrote, Paloma Martínez and José L. Martínez-Fernández

0:20:00 Instant Customized Summaries Streaming: a service for immediate awareness of new video content

  Álvaro García-Martín, J. Molina, F. López, V. Valdés, F. Tiburzi, J. M. Martínez and J. Bescós
11:00-11:30   Café (and Posters organization)
11:30-12:30 1:00:00 Invited Talk: N. Oliver

  Wearable Physiological Monitoring on Mobile Phones
12:30-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:00   Pinpointing Music

0:30:00 Towards Reliable Partial Music Alignments Using Multiple Synchronization Strategies

  Sebastian Ewert, Meinard Müller and Roger B. Dannenberg

0:30:00 Note recognition from monophonic audio: a clustering approach

  Rainer Typke
15:00-16:00   Adapting Distances

0:30:00 On Adaptive Similarity Search in Audio Signals Using Sparse Approximations

  Bob L. Sturm and Laurent Daudet

0:30:00 Relevance Feedback for the Earth Mover's Distance

  Marc Wichterich, Christian Beecks, Martin Sundermeyer, and Thomas Seidl
16:00-17:00   Café and Posters (projects, future oportunities, software and products, groups description ...)
17:00-18:00 1:00:00 Invited talk: Alex Jaimes

  Urban Sensoria: a human-centered computing project
20:30   Social Dinner
Friday, Septb 25th 2009

9:00-9:45   Registration
9:45-11:00   Understanding Images

0:30:00 Pre-semantic features for content-based image retrieval

  Gianluigi Ciocca, Claudio Cusano, Simone Santini and Raimondo Schettini

0:20:00 Extracting descriptions for Image Photo Retrieval

  Rodrigo Agerri, Ruben Granados and Ana Garcia-Serrano

0:20:00 A Continuum between Serendipitous Browsing and Query-based Search for MM Information Access

  Julien Ah-Pine, Jean-Michel Renders and Marie-Luce Viaud
11:00-11:30   Café
11:30-12:30 1:00:00 Invited Talk: S. Marchand-Maillet
    Mining Networked Media Collections
12:30-14:00   Lunch
14:00-15:10   Around the User
  0:20:00 Security-relevant challenges of selected systems for multi-user interaction
    Marcus Nitsche, Jana Dittmann, Andreas Nürnberger, Claus Vielhauer, Robert Buchholz
  0:20:00 Cognitive-Linguistics-based Request Answer System
    Wolf Fischer and Bernhard Bauer
  0:30:00 Using Search Logs to Recommend Images to New Users
    Yan Xu and Michael Oakes
15:10-15:30   Concluding Remarks