ACL'2000 Workshop on Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

Hong-Kong University of Science and Technology, 8 October 2000



8:45 Welcome

Using NL Semantics for IR

9:00  Adapting a synonym database to specific domains (Davide Turcato, Fred Popowich, Janine Toole, Dan Fass, D. Nicholson and G. Tisher)

9:35 Exploiting Lexical Expansions and Boolean Compositions for Web Querying (Bernardo Magnini and Roberto Prevete).

10:10 Coffee break

10:40 Use of Dependency Tree Structures for the Microcontext Extraction (Martin Holub and Alena Böhmová).

11:15 Semantic Indexing using WordNet Senses (Rada Mihalcea and Dan Moldovan).

12:00 Invited Talk.

Christian Jacquemin, CNRS-LIMSI, France.
Variation reduction in texts and queries through shallow and robust NLP.

13:00 Lunch

Effects of NL Phrasal indexing on IR

14:30 Discriminative Power and Retrieval Effectiveness of Phrasal Indexing Terms (Sumio Fujita).

15:05 Corpus-Based Learning of Compound Noun Indexing (Byung-Kwan Kwak, Jee-Hyub Kim, Geubae Lee, Jung Yun Seo).

15:40  REXTOR: A System for Generating Relations from Natural Language (Boris Katz and Jimmy Lin).

16:15 Coffee break

Applications involving NL and IR

16:45  A Text Categorization Based on a Summarization Technique (Sue J. Ker and Jen-Nan Chen).

17:20 From Information Retrieval to Information Extraction (David Milward and James Thomas).

17:55  Automatic summarization of search engine hit lists (Dragomir R. Radev and Weiguo Fan).

18:30 Closing remarks

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