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  Dr. M. Felisa Verdejo is Full Professor (Computer Systems and Languages) at the Department Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos (LSI) de la UNED, in Madrid, Spain.

Twiter: arrobaFelisaVerdejo
Phone number: (+34) 91 398 6484
Postal Address: E.T.S.I. Informática de la UNED
C/ Juan del Rosal, 16 (Ciudad Universitaria)
28040 Madrid
Office: 2.17


   Her current research activity includes two interdisciplinary areas, Applied Natural Language Processing and Interactive Learning Enviroments. She leads two research groups:

  • Natural Language Processing Group
    Intelligent Multilingual Information Access is currently our main research line, involving three themes: models for interactive information access (Cross-Language Document and Image Retrieval, Interactive Information Access, Information Synthesis), methodologies for the evaluation of these type of systems, and techniques to create multilingual resources (wordnets, lexical acquisition, web as corpus, word sense disambiguation).

  • Learning Technologies and Collaborative Systems
    The main research line concerns modeling and principled design of interactive& collaborative learning environments where distance learners have access to and can produce rich content using a variety of tools. Learning design specification based on activity theory, knowledge-based methods to support and analyze computer supported collaborative learning, and semantic approaches to create the infrastructure for virtual learning communities are the themes we currently focus on.