Information Retrieval & Natural Language Processing

Study Guide (Entrance Page)


This page offers general information about the study guide.

Study Guide Structure

You will find for each chapter in the Study Guide the following information:

Main Concepts
A list of the main concepts/principles or techniques for the chapter.

Learning Goals
A description of the concepts/ abilities you should acquire by the end of your study.

Order of study and activities recommended for distance self-learners.

Each chapter introduces a set of concepts and techniques through definitions, examples and exercises. Theoretical content is expected to be studied through the on-line references indicated within each section. Examples aim to motivate and illustrate concepts or processes. Exercises are an essential part for understanding the material. Some are fixed and pre-processed, others are interactive in a variety of degrees. For instance, in some cases you can either select or provide input data  to be processed, in others you can select not only the input but also some parameters for the processing of the data by a software tool. In the latter case, usually you will be asked to analyse and/or give an interpretation of the results.

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