The information on the site is accessed through a series of menus offering you choices as to where to go on the site. The entries (buttons on the left part) of the Entrance Page are:

Introduction This page provides answers to the following questions: What is this course about? What will you not find here?  In which ways can the site be exploited for learning purposes?
Syllabus Outline A list of topics, with an estimation of hours of study, followed by a short description of these topics.
Requirements This button takes you to a page where machine and software specification required for the course are given.
Study Guide This page gives you guidance related to the pages where you are navigating.
Contents This button leads to the Main Page of the course
Contacts A list of contacts in the event of problems is available here
Forum This button gives entrance to the forum pages. This forum is intented to facilitate the communication between mantainers, contributors and users of this site. Use it to provide feedback, propose new contributions or make any question.
News and FAQs News will be provided here. It also holds room for a Frequently-Asked-Question list where answers to common problems related to the course will be provided.

Remember you can always return to the previous page you visited using the BACK button, and to the Entrance Page of the web site using the BACK at the top left of the Contents Main Page.