SentiSense Tools

In order to allow users to easily expand the SentiSense Affective Lexicon, we have implemented a tagging software. SentiSense Tagger allows annotators to select a data set from which to collect the vocabulary to be labeled, provided that the data set conforms to the format of SentiSense Tagger. This tool is intended for final users to expand SentiSense Affective Lexicon and adapt it to their application domains. This tool is only available for the SentiSense version in English that uses WordNet 2.1.

SentiSense Visualizer shows, for each synset in the lexicon, its synset identifier and the words or terms that compose the synset. When a synset is selected, its emotional category is shown. Moreover, the application permits to change the emotional category associated to a given synset. The bottom right corner also displays statistics of the number of synset/word within the lexicon and their distribution among different emotional categories and parts of speech.

Please if you use the tools cite:

  • Jorge Carrillo de Albornoz, Laura Plaza, Pablo Gervás. 2012. SentiSense: An easily scalable concept-based affective lexicon for Sentiment Analysis. In proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2012).

The SentiSense Tagger and SentiSense Visualizer are included in the SentiSense Tools package, which is available soon for research purpose. The SentiSense Tools can be downloaded from here.