CEM-Ord metric

We propose a new metric for Ordinal Classification, Closeness Evaluation Measure, that is rooted on Measurement Theory and Information Theory

RBU metric

We define the Rank-Biased Utility (RBU) metric -- an adaptation of the well-known Rank-Biased Precision metric -- that takes into account redundancy and the user effort associated to the inspection of documents in the ranking with diversity task.


The EvALL online evaluation service aims to provide a unified evaluation framework for Information Access systems. EvALL allows to: (i) evaluate results in a way compliant with measurement theor; (ii) provide their results as reusable data to the scientific community; (ii) automatically generate evaluation figures and (low-level) interpretation of the results, both as a pdf report and as a latex source.

ORMA: A Semi-Automatic Tool for Online Reputation Monitoring in Twitter

We present a semi-automatic tool that assists experts in their daily work of monitoring the reputation of entities —companies, organizations or public figures- in Twitter.

SentiSense Affective Tools

SentiSense is endowed with a set of tools that allow users to visualize the lexicon and some statistics about the distribution of synsets and emotions in SentiSense, as well as to easily expand the lexicon. This tool is only available for the SentiSense version in English that uses WordNet 2.1.