Enriching Thesauri with Hierarchical Relationships by Pattern Matching in Dictionaries.
Lourdes Araujo, Jose R. Pérez Agüera.
Proc. Int. Conf. on Natural Language Processing (FINTAL 2006),
LNCS 4139, pp. 268-279, Springer-Verlag (2006).

This paper proposes a pattern matching method applied to dictionaries to identify hierarchical relationships
between terms. In this work we focus on this type of relationship because we use it in the automatic generation
of thesauri, which are used to improve information retrieval tasks. However the method can also be applied to
identify other semantic relationships. We distinguish two kinds of patterns: structural patterns, composed of
a sequence of part-of-speech tags, and key patterns, typical of dictionary entries, composed of some key terms,
along with some part-of-speech tags. This kind of patterns are automatically extracted for the dictionary entries
by means of stochastic techniques. The thesaurus, that has been partially constructed previously, is then
extended with the new relationships obtained by applying the patterns to a dictionary. We have based the
system evaluation on the results obtained with and without the thesaurus in an information retrieval task
proposed by the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF). The results of these experiments have revealed a
clear improvement on the performance.