Interpreted Applications within BOINC Infrastructure.
Daniel Lombraña González, Francisco Fernández de Vega, L. Trujillo, G. Olague, M. Cárdenas, L. Araujo, P. Castillo, K. Sharman, A. Silva.

Proc. Ibergrid (2008)

BOINC is one of the most employed middlewares in the scientific community.
However, the development of BOINC applications could
be difficult if the target application is an Interpreted Application such as
Matlab, R or Java. The BOINC team provides an intermediate solution,
the wrapper, which can run statically linked programs. Nevertheless when
the application has lots of dependencies, BOINC will not be able to deploy
it. In this paper, we propose to exploit the BOINC infrastructure with
Interpreted Applications by complementing the wrapper program with a
new application and extending the whole BOINC infrastructure by adding
a new virtualization layer, and best of all without modifying the source
code of the interpreted application. Three experiments using well-known
interpreted applications -Java, R and Matlab- are performed to demonstrate
the viability of running unmodified interpreted applications inside a
BOINC infrastructure.