Raquel Martnez Unanue

E-mail: raquel@lsi.uned.es
Phone number: (+34) 91 398 8725
Fax: (+34) 91 398 9382

Postal address:
ETSI. Informtica - UNED
c/ Juan del Rosal, 16. Desp. 2.15
E-28040 Madrid


Ph.D. in Computer Science and Bs. D. in Computer Science. Profesor Titular (associate professor) at the Dept. of Lenguajes y Sistemas Informticos (LSI) at UNED (National Distance Learning University), in Madrid, Spain.


Member of the Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval Group. My research lines include:

  • Multilingual Document Clustering: document representation and clustering algorithms.
  • Person Name Disambiguation.
  • Data mining in social media.


Some Publications

Journals Conferences Book Chapters
  • Exploiting Social Annotations for Resource Classification. A. Zubiaga, V. Fresno, R. Martnez. Social Network Mining, Analysis and Research Trends: Techniques and Applications.116--130. 2012.
  • Analyzing Tag Distributions in Folksonomies for Resource Classification. A. Zubiaga, R. Martnez, V. Fresno. KSEM 2011, 5th International Conference on Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management. 2011. Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 7091 Subseries: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. 2011.
  • EXercita. A system for Archiving and Publishing Programming Exercises. Gregorio, C.; Llana, L.F.; Martnez, R.; Palao, P.; Pareja, C.; Velzquez, J.A. Computers and Education. Towards an Interconnected Society. ISBN: 0-7923-7188-7, pp: 187198. Manuel Ortega y Jos Bravo (eds.). Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.
Academic Books
  • Lenguajes de Programacin y Procesadores. Francisco Gortzar Bellas, Raquel Martnez Unanue y Vctor Fresno Fernndez. ISBN: 9788499610702. Editorial CERASA, 2012.
  • Lourdes Araujo Serna, Raquel Martinez Unanue y Miguel Rodriguez Artacho. Programacin y Estructuras de Datos Avanzadas. ISBN: 9788499610221. Editorial CERASA, 2011.
  • "Ejercicios creativos y recreativos en C++". Luis Llana, Carlos Gregorio, Raquel Martnez, Pedro Palao y Cristbal Pareja. Ed. Prentice-Hall, 2002. ISBN 84-205-3211-8.
  • Introduccin a la programacin: problemas resueltos en Pascal. Gonzlez de Lena, M. T; Hernn, I.; Martnez, R.; Nava, F.J.; Pantrigo, J.J.; Paredes, M.; Sanz, A. Ed.: Editorial Universitaria Ramn Areces, 2005. ISBN: 84-8004-715-1
  • Ejercicios de programacin creativos y recreativos en C++. Gregorio, C.; Llana, L.F.; Martnez, R.; Palao, P.; Pareja, C. Prentice-Hall, 2002. ISBN: 84-205-3211-8.
Doctoral Consortium 2013 at LSI-UNED

The second edition of this Doctoral Consortium provides a venue for student researchers investigating topics in Natural Language Processing and Multimedia Information Retrieval to present their work in progress and to receive feedback from a panel of senior researchers. This event aims to explore, discuss and broad ideas. The forum includes talks by two invited speakers and a specialized mini-workshop open to a general audience.

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