HERMES_192 dataset: a comparable corpus for multilingual news clustering evaluation.

Martínez, R., Casillas, A. and Montalvo, S.

This corpus is a compilation of news written in Spanish and English in the same time period from the news agency EFE, and compiled by the HERMES project. Manual clustered HERMES_192 dataset is made up of 35 clusters, 2 monolingual and 33 multilingual.

The news were automatically categorized and belong to a variety of IPTC categories, including: "politics", "crime law / justice", "disasters / accidents", "sports", "lifestyle / leisure", "social issues", "health", "environmental issues", "science / technology" and "unrest conflicts \ war", but without subcategories. Some news belong to more than one IPTC category according to the automatic categorization. Since we were interested in a multilingual document clustering which goes beyond the high level IPTC categories, making clusters of smaller granularity, we carried out a manual clustering with each subset. Three persons read the news and grouped them considering the content of each one. They judged independently and only the identical resultant clusters were selected.

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