IberEval workshop aiming at encouraging and promoting the development of Human Language Technologies (HLT) for Iberian languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Basque and Galician), by creating series of evaluation and a discussion forum about Natural Language Processing systems on an ongoing basis. IberEval 2017 has had like precedent IberEval 2010, so it will be the 2nd workshop on Human Language Technologies for Iberian languages.

IberEval 2017 will be held together with SEPLN 2017 in Murcia, Spain, at  Facultad de Letras September 19th, 2017.


General Important Dates
08 Jan 2017: Task proposals due
30 Jan 2017: Notifications of task acceptance
01 Jul  2017: Camera ready submissions due
19 Sep 2017: IberEval Workshop 
See individual task descriptions for more details. 
Call for Tasks Proposals
Researchers and practitioners from all areas of Natural Language Processing and related communities are invited to submit proposals for evaluation tasks on computational problems that involve text processing in (at least) Spanish or other Iberian languages (Portuguese, Catalan, Basque and Galician). Accepted tracks will be running in 2017 and will end in an IBEREVAL workshop to be held together with SEPLN 2017 in Murcia (Spain).
Two types of proposals are expected:
- Standard evaluation campaigns in the style of TREC, CLEF or NTCIR evaluation exercises.
- More exploratory initiatives that aim to settle the foundations for future evaluation campaigns, discussing tasks, methodologies, metrics, test collections, etc.
For this first year, proposals that rely on already existing resources (annotated datasets) are particularly encouraged. However, manifestations of interest for a task proposal in IBEREVAL 2018 are also welcome.
Proposals should include the following information:
- Title of the track.
- IBEREVAL 2017 or manifestation of interest for IBEREVAL 2018.
- Name(s) of organizers and contact details.
- Brief description of the task goal, including their significance for the field and the expected target audience.
- Arrangements for the organization of the task: who will be responsible for which activities, description of the data or how will data be acquired or created, available funding, proposed schedule, and any other relevant issues.
Task Selection
Each submitted proposal will be reviewed by the IBEREVAL steering committee, and decisions will be sent to organizers by January 30, 2017. Organizers of accepted tracks are expected to attend the IBEREVAL workshop and present the results of the track.