Searcher instructions

The goal of this experiment is to determine how well an information retrieval system can help you find information written in a foreign language. You'll be given a search goal or "topic" (which we define as "a written statement of a searcher's information need").

You will be asked to retrieve relevant documents with respect to four topics with one system and four topics with another. For each topic, the system will help you find relevant documents by suggesting translations of terms extracted from the written topic description, (and sometimes translations of some additional terms that you might find useful), and by showing you translations of the top-ranked documents that are found. Your goal is to use the system to create a translated query that allows you to find as many documents that are relevant to the topic as possible. More credit will be awarded for accurately selecting relevant documents than for the number of documents that are selected, because in a real application you might need to pay to have a high-quality translation prepared for each selected document. You will have 10 minutes for each search, with one break after your first four searches.

You will also be asked to complete several additional questionnaires:


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