WePS: searching information about entities in the Web

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WePS-1 Papers

Task description paper

The SemEval-2007 WePS Evaluation: Establishing a benchmark for the Web People Search Task.Javier Artiles, Julio Gonzalo and Satoshi Sekine[pdf] [bib]

Systems description papers

PSNUS: Web People Name Disambiguation by Simple Clustering with Rich Features.Ergin Elmacioglu, Yee Fan Tan, Su Yan, Min-Yen Kan and Dongwon Lee[pdf] [bib]AUG: A combined classification and clustering approach for web people disambiguation.Els Lefever, Véronique Hoste and Timur Fayruzov[pdf] [bib]CU-COMSEM: Exploring Rich Features for Unsupervised Web Personal Name Disambiguation.Ying Chen and James H. Martin[pdf] [bib]DFKI2: An Information Extraction Based Approach to People Disambiguation.Andrea Heyl and Günter Neumann[pdf] [bib]FICO: Web Person Disambiguation Via Weighted Similarity of Entity Contexts.Paul Kalmar and Matthias Blume[pdf] [bib]IRST-BP: Web People Search Using Name Entities.Octavian Popescu and Bernardo Magnini[pdf] [bib]JHU1 : An Unsupervised Approach to Person Name Disambiguation using Web Snippets.Delip Rao, Nikesh Garera and David Yarowsky[pdf] [bib]SHEF: Semantic Tagging and Summarization Techniques Applied to Cross-document Coreference.Horacio Saggion[pdf] [bib]TITPI: Web People Search Task Using Semi-Supervised Clustering Approach.Kazunari Sugiyama and Manabu Okumura[pdf] [bib]UA-ZSA: Web Page Clustering on the basis of Name Disambiguation.Zornitsa Kozareva, Sonia Vazquez and Andres Montoyo[pdf] [bib]UC3M_13: Disambiguation of Person Names Based on the Composition of Simple Bags of Typed Terms.David del Valle-Agudo, César de Pablo-Sánchez and María Teresa Vicente-Díez[pdf] [bib]UNN-WePS: Web Person Search using co-Present Names and Lexical Chains.Jeremy Ellman and Gary Emery[pdf] [bib]UVA: Language Modeling Techniques for Web People Search.<Krisztian Balog, Leif Azzopardi and Maarten de Rijke[pdf] [bib]WIT: Web People Search Disambiguation using Random Walks.José Iria, Lei Xia and Ziqi Zhang[pdf] [bib]