WePS: searching information about entities in the Web

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Second Web People Search Evaluation Workshop

April 21st - Madrid, Spain
Co-located with the WWW2009 conference

Finding information about people in the World Wide Web is one of the most common activities of Internet users. Person names, however, are highly ambiguous. In most cases, the results for a person name search are a mix of pages about different people sharing the same name. The user is then forced either to add terms to the query (probably losing recall and focusing on one single aspect of the person), or to browse every document in order to filter the information about the person he/she is actually looking for. In an ideal system the user would simply type a person name, and receive search results clustered according to the different people sharing that name.

What is the WePS Evaluation ?

The Web People Search (WePS) Evaluation is a shared evaluation campaign focused on this problem. In this second evaluation 19 research teams from around the world have participated in two tasks: (i) clustering web pages to solve the ambiguity of search results, and (ii) extracting 18 kinds of "attribute values" for target individuals whose names appear on a set of web pages. Participants where provided with task guidelines and development data, and later evaluated their systems on a new testbed.

What will I find in the WePS Workshop ?

The WePS-2 Workshop will feature an overview of the lessons learned in this evaluation, talks from the participant teams, a poster session and invited talks from academic and industry speakers.

Participation in the workshop is not restricted to WePS-2 teams. WePS-2 is a workshop open for anybody who is interested in the WePS research and its implications in the web search business.

How do I register ?

The WePS-2 is co-located with the WWW2009 conference as a full-day workshop.
In order to register please go to https://gestion.gpdmc.com/www2009/ *

* Note that you only need a 1-day registration if are not planning to attend to other WWW Conference events. You can check the registration fees in the following address: http://www2009.org/conferences.html

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