WePS: searching information about entities in the Web

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WePS-2 Papers

Task description papers

WePS 2 Evaluation Campaign: Overview of the Web People Search Clustering Task Javier Artiles, Julio Gonzalo and Satoshi Sekine WePS 2 Evaluation Campaign: Overview of the Web People Search Attribute Extraction Task Satoshi Sekine and Javier Artiles.

Evaluation metrics

Combining Evaluation Metrics with a Unanimous Improvement Ratio and its Application to the Web People Search Clustering Task. Enrique Ámigo, Javier Artiles and Julio Gonzalo.

Systems description papers

[UVA] The University of Amsterdam at WePS2. Krisztian Balog, Jiyin He, Katja Hofmann, Valentin Jijkoun, Christof Monz, Manos Tsagkias, Wouter Weerkamp and Maarten de Rijke. [UPM] Learning by doing: A baseline approach to the clustering of web people search results. José Carlos González, Pablo Maté, Laura Vadillo, Rocío Sotomayor and Álvaro Carrera. [PolyUHK] PolyUHK: A Robust Information Extraction System for Web Personal Names. Ying Chen, Sophia Yat Mei Lee and Chu-Ren Huang. [UMD] Determine the Entity Number in Hierarchical Clustering for Web Personal Name Disambiguation. Jun Gong and Douglas Oard. [CASIANED] CASIANED: Web Personal Name Disambiguation Based on Professional Categorization. Xianpei Han and Jun Zhao. [CASIANED] CASIANED: People Attribute Extraction based on Information Extraction. Xianpei Han and Jun Zhao. [ITC_UT] Person Name Disambiguation on the Web by TwoStage Clustering. Masaki Ikeda, Shingo Ono, Issei Sato, Minoru Yoshida and Hiroshi Nakagawa. [FICO] Features for Web Person Disambiguation. Paul Kalmar and Dayne Freitag. [ECNU] Which Who are They? People Attribute Extraction and Disambiguation in Web Search Results. Man Lan, Yu Zhe Zhang, Yue Lu, Jian Su and Chew Lim Tan. [AUG] Fuzzy Ants Clustering for Web People Search. Els Lefever, Timur Fayruzov, Véronique Hoste and Martine De Cock. [UNED] Web People Search Disambiguation using Language Model Techniques. Juan Martinez-Romo and Lourdes Araujo. [UCI] Exploiting Web querying for Web People Search in WePS2. Rabia Nuray-Turan, Zhaoqi Chen, Dmitri Kalashnikov and Sharad Mehrotra. [UC3M] UC3M at WePS2-AE: Acquiring Patterns for People Attribute Extraction from Webpages. César de Pablo Sánchez and Paloma Martínez Fernández. [BUAP] An Unsupervised Approach based on Fingerprinting to the Web People Search task. David Pinto, Mireya Tovar, Darnes Vilariño, Héctor Díaz and Héctor Jiménez-Salazar. [XMedia] XMedia: Web People Search by Clustering with Machinely Learned Similarity Measures. Lorenza Romano, Krisztian Buza, Claudio Giuliano and Lars Schmidt-Thieme. [GUELP] Web People Search Based on Locality and Relative Similarity Measures. Fei Song, Robin Cohen and Song Lin. [PRIYAVEN] Clustering Web People Search Results Using Fuzzy Ant-Based Clustering. Priya Venkateshan. [MIVTU] A Two-Step Approach to Extracting Attributes for People on the Web. Keigo Watanabe, Danushka Bollegala, Yutaka Matsuo and Mitsuru Ishizuka.