Víctor Peinado

Email victorlsi.uned.es
Phone (+34) 91 398 8106
Fax (+34) 91 398 6535
Skype/GTalk vitojph

Postal address
ETSI. Informática, UNED
c/ Juan del Rosal, 16. Desp. 1.11
E-28040 Madrid, Spain
At Vooruit, in Gent, Belgium

BA in Linguistics, specialized in Computational Linguistics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and MS in Computer Science from UNED. Currently, I'm pursuing my PhD in Computer Science and doing research at Natural Language Processing Group. My advisor is Dr Julio Gonzalo.

During the fall of 2004, I spent three months as a visitor researcher at USC's Information Sciences Institute in Los Angeles, working with Prof Eduard Hovy and other members of the Natural Language Group at ISI.

Since 2006, I'm working as a research manager for MAVIR, a research network co-funded by the Regional Government of Madrid which integrates engineers, computer scientists, linguists and documentalists with interests in Human Language Technologies applied to Multilingual and Multimedia Information Access.


My research work focuses on Multilingual Information Access (MLIA), more specificaly on Interactive Cross-Language Information Retrieval systems. Also, I've taken part in other tasks such as Automatic Summarization, Machine Translation, Social Network Analysis and Question Answering systems.

For further details, please check the list updated with my papers.


  • Talk at CLEF2006: UNED at iCLEF: Are Users Willing to Search Cross-Language?
    [PDF] [LaTeX]
  • Talk at CLEF2005: UNED bilingual experiments at WebCLEF
    [PDF] [LaTeX]
  • Poster presented at ECDL2005: Searching Cross-Language Metadata with Automatically Structured Queries
    [PDF] [LaTeX]
  • Talk: MKIDS: identificación de roles, grupos de inclusión y proyectos
    [PDF] [OOo]
  • Presentation of my Master dissertation (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados)
    [PDF] [OOo]
  • Master dissertation (Diploma de Estudios Avanzados): Uso de sintagmas alineados como recurso de traducción en un enfoque híbrido para Recuperación de Información Translingüe
    [PDF] [LaTeX]
  • Talk: Modelos de Lenguaje Estadísticos
    [PDF] [OOo]
  • Talk: Métricas de Evaluación Automática
    [PDF] [OOo]